Toner Recycling Scheme

The impact we have on our environment is no longer something that can be ignored, nor should it be. Working together to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business is something we are committed to, and one of the ways we attempt to do this is through our
Toner Recycling Scheme. 

Around 1.1 billion toner cartridges are sold a year, and each individual cartridge takes roughly 1000 years to decompose and a 3 pints of oil to produce, creating a huge impact on the environment and a strain on our natural resources. Investing in alternative options such as cartridge recycling can make a massive difference, and vastly cut down on the amount of printer waste that ends up in incinerators, landfills and dumps.

We collect all of our customer's leftover toner and recycle it so they don't have to, assuring customers that not only will they be making a positive contribution to the environment, but we are also removing the time and effort it would require for the customer to recycle their empty cartridges themselves.


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