A Small Business Making A Big Impact, Since 1982

Who We Are

For over 42 years we have provided high quality, reliable and efficient Canon photocopiers and printers for offices of all sizes within the Yorkshire region including the surrounding areas including Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and beyond, with clients stretching from Edinburgh down to London Heathrow. 

We are an accredited Canon Gold Partner and the largest independent suppliers in the Yorkshire area, meaning we can provide you the hands on, personalised touch that is often missing from a larger organisation. 

We fully support our customers through every step of the process from sales to service and can promise you that you'll never be pulled from pillar to post in search of a helping hand. 

AG Rentals (Yorkshire) Ltd

Part of what makes us so different from other companies is that we operate a fully inhouse team of leasing options, rather than outsourcing your needs to a middle man, and further bumping up the cost for the consumer! AG Rentals (Yorkshire) Ltd is available for all.

We run a compact in-house operation that encompasses: trained sales executives with a wealth of knowledge and experience of Canon innovative products, our highly skilled service engineers who are available rapidly for repairs, and a dedicated admin team for handling all account queries.

What can we offer you?

  • A flexible and friendly approach to service and sales
  • Your own dedicated account manager to be available at your convenience whenever required with direct contact
  • A no fuss, no middle man approach to financing and leasing
  • A competitive targeted service call-out time of 4 hours and under, dependent on the area
  • High rate first time fix
  • Innovative, robust and market leading Canon equipment

Meet The Team

At AG Group, our team is a family and built on the foundation of our success. Each person brings a varied set of skills, experiences, knowledge and perspectives to the company, inspiring and motivating each other to achieve the greatest results for our valued clients. We are dedicated to providing a positive, inclusive, and supportive workplace environment, empowering each other to be the very best.

Andrew Crowder
Operations Director
Hi, I'm Andrew! I oversee the day to day running of A G Group

Likes: Golf, Sherry and Crisps

Dislikes: Fish and when there's no snacks in the office

Fun Fact: I once got asked for my autograph in a shop because somebody thought I was Mr Bean
Alex Parkin
Service Director
Hi, I'm Alex! I'm in charge of managing the service department!

Likes: Hot dogs, Guinea Pigs and Breaking Bad

Dislikes: Being too hot, Spiders, and Hairless Cats

Fun Fact: I once auditioned to be on The Chase and very nearly got to face The Beast!
Lindsey Martin
Administration Accounts Supervisor/HR
Hi! I`m Lindsey, I look after the accounts and the admin team.

Likes: Copious amounts of Tea

Dislikes: Spiders and Marmite, in any form!

Fun Fact: Played a game of 9 ball pool with Ronnie The Rocket O`Sullivan
Dawn Doxey
Senior Sales Account Manager
Hi, I'm Dawn! I'm an senior sales account manager for A G Group and I look you while you a customer at AG Group and building relationship with our new customers!

Likes: Holidays, Dancing the night away and my job of course!

Dislikes: Coffee, Horror movies, and taking no for an answer

Fun Fact: I like (a lot) David Beckham (phew!!), who has the same birthday as me (all birthday cards are welcome )
Steve Jordan
Account Manager
Hi Iím Steve and I am an account manager, I work with Dawn looking after all our customers, and building relationships with new customers

Likes: Sheffield United Winning

Dislikes: Sheffield United Losing

Fun Fact: Steve was filmed in the Crucible watching Snooker at the first televised 147 break, when... he should have been at work!
Helen Davies
Administration Assistant
Hi, I'm Helen! I work in administration, and I organise service calls and look after the maintenance of customer accounts.

Likes: My dogs, Ice Hockey and Prosecco

Dislikes: Fish, Traffic Jams and Rain

Fun Fact: My favourite place is Disneyland and it is my dream to one day be a princess in the parade
Karen Jones
Contract Administrator
Hi, I'm Karen! My job is to manage all of our contracts with current customers!

Likes: My Grandchildren, Socialising, and Summer

Dislikes: Moody People, Winter and Milky Tea

Fun Fact: I once shared a lift with Mike Tyson
Amanda Fox
A G Rentals Administrator
Hi, I'm Amanda! I manage the rentals and leasing side of the business.

Likes: Strong Coffee, Strawberry Bonbons and the Seaside

Dislikes: Moths, Onions, and Dark Nights

Fun Fact: I am a trained salsa dancer and regularly compete in competitions around England
Jonny Wright
Hi, I'm Jonny! My job is printer and photocopier servicing and repair!

Likes: Cognac, Martial arts films and Building flat pack furniture

Dislikes: Sudoku, Green tea and Slow drivers

Fun Fact: My favourite actor is Jean Claude Van Dam and I once stole a life-size cut-out of him from the cinema and I keep it in my bedroom!
Dean Middleton
Senior Service Technician
Hi, I'm Dean! ??

Likes: ??

Dislikes: ??

Fun Fact: ??
Chris Besant
Hi, I'm Chris! I work in distribution so I make sure our customers never run out of toner or consumables!

Likes: Caravanning, Fishing and DIY

Dislikes: Long haul flights, TV adverts and Gardening

Fun Fact: In my previous job, I was a stunt double on The Teletubbies
Paul Blake
Hi, I`m Paul, I work in the warehouse and deliver all your consumables

Likes: Mountain Biking and The Killers

Dislikes: Coffee and Ignorance

Fun Fact: I met snooker player Mark Williams in a bar in Thailand


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